10 quirky travel podcasts to try while on vacation


While many argue that technology has not improved travel — that new devices like travel robots and drones are a waste of time and will never improve experiences — with the travel smart home and customized time-travel technologies, it is very much a different world than it was a few years ago. Here are 10 quirky travel podcasts for your holiday travels.

Each weekly podcast gives travel-themed recommendations for how to stay energized, unwind and enjoy a vacation. Although these are not recommendations to listen to on repeat, they are small suggestions to get you started before you get off the plane or train. This is an hourlong home-coming podcast dedicated to simple foodie tips to make getting back to New York after a trip easy, not to mention a good way to pass the time while waiting for your Uber driver. Mix it up — the best soundtrack recommendations for listening while walking or running (starting with this one) or most-requested celebrities featured on American Airlines flights (including Anna Kendrick, Thomas Rhett and Miranda Lambert). So you’ll be ready to go at all times. Related: A Hilarious Guide to Taking Your Son to China, based on one woman’s hilarious experience attempting to travel alone with her 6-year-old son

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In this 5-minute interview, a British couple recounts their two-year quest to navigate the chaos that makes traveling the world seem like a burden, and the stories and adventures they discover along the way. Related: Insider Weekend: The Smorgasbord of Weekend Deals,

In this hourlong podcast about Russian culture, the host gets to speak with people from every culture, including ones not traditionally thought of as sophisticated. This is the ultimate travel podcast! Related: The Best Podcasts for Culture-Culture Seers

What makes a good road trip, a Paris trip or even traveling through Russia? This weekly podcast investigates the stories behind the most beloved journeys. Check out these stories and photos to know what you’re looking for in an unexpected route. Related: The Best of the BBC Travel Podcasts

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