Bravo to the Conservative party for winning a second term – well, sort of | Nils Pratley

The US economy seems to be getting better, according to the latest snapshot. On the other hand, the British economy just keeps doing what it has been doing. Does that make it clear, then, that Brexit is a godsend?

Here are a few charts.

The tale of two economic data releases

The US economy appears to be gradually recovering, while things in the UK remain relatively dire. Which chart tells the full story? If you read one more thing on the long UK economy story, turn over. That data comes courtesy of Markit.

Looking for some easy reading? This one tells a neat story. The story of the Great Recession, which shows that the economy wasn’t worse than it is now after a few recent months of increasing strength.

(How do you know it was recovering?)

Here’s another story. (Just ignore the heading). If you think the economy is doing something, keep reading. If you think it’s nothing, let’s just agree to disagree for a while.

(Looks more encouraging, right?)

And here’s yet another. Which tells something about our rising wealth and thus our apparently stable economy. But really, why bother with graphs? They’re only worth going to the trouble of reading once. Just go for the headline.

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