Going abroad this summer? Here are 8 suggestions

Here in the United States, summer is the most popular time of year to travel. Here are some destinations I’d recommend to US citizens traveling abroad.

• Argentina

That snowy Italian countryside in the winter? Go this summer. Pack your leather boots and head to the southern tip of South America. Argentina is a top-notch destination for various landscapes and cultures. So if you want to take in the ancient archeological sites such as the Citadel of Paracas, snorkel in Patagonia, hike in Patagonia, ride horseback into the Andes or try your hand at a more mellow adventure like kayaking in Patagonia, this is the place for you.

• Austria

The English-speaking enclave of Champlain City and the rolling countryside of Burgenland are a dream backdrop for any traveler. Locals are friendly and courteous. And as my travel agent pointed out, “They don’t sting your eyes like a French restaurant.”

• Colombia

Wine country. Landscape. The Amazon rainforest. People who are friendly and hospitable. My family and I stayed on the Caribbean island of Santo Domingo, around two hours by ferry from Santa Marta.

• Costa Rica

Another excellent destination to visit in the month of August, the rainy season here in Costa Rica is beautiful and wild, at the same time. It’s like visiting two different countries.

• Dominican Republic

The Caribbean island is the ideal destination to soak up the sun and relax during the off-season with diving, snorkeling, and dolphin encounters. Last year, we went to the Irazú Volcano — a must-see for volcano enthusiasts.

• Greece

For a variety of unique and fantastic destinations, this is a better option than some others. Americans should plan to travel to these destinations during August or the fall months because they’re less crowded during those two months. But if you don’t mind the more crowded months of September and October, Greece is a must-visit in August.

• Italy

This is my No. 1 pick of destinations to go to in the summer. Head for the Amalfi Coast and the best on-island food in town. See the best of Italy during the summer because it’s so beautiful, warm, and sunny — just like in the United States.

• Mexico

This is more a recommendation than a suggestion. Mexico continues to be one of the most desirable vacation destinations for a variety of reasons. These include the absence of over-priced souvenirs (beach items, etc.), the location, the beautiful beaches, the escape from the summer heat, the all-inclusive resorts, the welcoming (and welcoming is a four-letter word to Americans), and the food.

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