Pregnant MP on speaker’s warning

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Katherine Angell said she had a “reasonable expectation of privacy”

A British lawmaker has been reprimanded for bringing her baby to a debate in the House of Commons.

Katherine Angell has been given a formal warning following her incident on 10 November.

Ms Angell, who was 18 weeks pregnant at the time, said she had “a reasonable expectation of privacy”.

The teenager spoke on a proposed amendment to the Children and Young People Act 2016.

Ms Angell was moved to a seat at the back of the House, facing the woman in front of her.

She said: “This bill could have implications not just for vulnerable children, but also for vulnerable parents.

“There is a lot to consider, just like a young woman using my service like me, in the context of this bill.

“I’ve often put myself in positions where my own safety is challenged and there is a lot at stake here.

“This isn’t about my own personal wellbeing, it’s about the well-being of my unborn child and the health and safety of my unborn child. I am aware that in future it could be worse.

“Having given birth to my own two daughters, I know what that feeling is like. I also know that in the House of Commons there is a difference between respectful and honest expression and respectful silence.

“For this reason, I can confirm that I do expect to hear in the future that the Speaker has given the Chair her consent and the Chair has already indicated her acceptance that she will receive my name and address in future.”

The Speaker’s Office has now formally reprimanded Ms Angell.

In a statement, a spokesman for Speaker John Bercow said: “The speaker believes everyone is entitled to attend and listen to parliamentary proceedings, however, when a member brings their baby to proceedings there will inevitably be discussions about her judgement and appropriate behaviour in circumstances where she should have been better prepared for such things.

“The speaker has tonight spoken to Katherine Angell, to say that this was clearly a very unfortunate incident, one that will doubtless leave her with a mixed feeling about the forum.

“In view of that, he has said that there should be further consideration of her future attendance at the House, perhaps even a formal formal reprimand.”


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