Singapore Airlines provides anti-retroviral drugs for aircrew

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Singapore Airlines is offering anti-retroviral drugs to be given to air crew, with a focus on delaying women’s pregnancies and helping maintain higher female flight crews.

From 2020 to 2024, all female crew members working for Singapore Airlines (SIA) will have been pre-tested on antiviral treatment, in an effort to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as gonorrhea and syphilis among flight crews in the future.

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Currently, SIA contributes to the cost of the antiviral medication for 25 infected employees, while volunteers will receive free access to some drugs prescribed for other patients. The airline is also offering seven-year personal wellness vouchers valued at US$300 each to all its employees.

Next year, SIA will launch a free one-year subscription to its newsletter for employees to ensure health checks remain on schedule and to join its wellness program. The airline has been handing out one-year subscriptions for the past five years, said Chia Chong Yong, SIA’s chief customer officer.

“We’re very focused on encouraging employees to lead healthy lifestyles,” Chia said. “We now believe if we can encourage them to take good care of themselves, it will be good for their health, as well as for our employees in the future.”

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