Tatiana Calderon Wins Three Rallies in WSB, Sparks Team USA for 2019 World Cup

This season, Tatiana Calderon from Mexico and Gabby Sidibe from the U.S. won all three World Cup races in speed events and the first two races in women’s World Cup bobsled with Canada. Calderon finished in top 10 in all three races.

The two-time Olympian from Veracruz will drive at the Lillehammer Arctic Games from December 9-12. Calderon will wear the No. 2, which is modeled after that of Brian Hansen in the 2017-18 season. What a role model for Calderon and the team.

Australia’s Brittany Murphy (23rd of 25) and Kimberley McQuillan (18th of 25) were the only two Americans competing in the race.

Calderon’s team, which includes Pia Sundhage (Wallace, TX), Brandon Miller (California, CA), Courtney Marine (Simi Valley, CA), Allison Angerer (Colorado Springs, CO), Arielle Harvey (Como, CA), and Meghan Musnicki (Utica, NY), are averaging about 32 second-per-lap in World Cup bobsled and are tied for seventh out of 12 teams.

There are now no other Americans in the WSB but the team races every weekend against teams from host Norway, Germany, and France.

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