Thieves snatch diamonds, watches from sophisticated stores in upscale L.A. neighborhoods

The burglaries took place during daytime hours in affluent and well-to-do neighborhoods of Los Angeles, with stolen money and watches, jewelry and other valuables. The man suspected of being responsible is believed to have hit up stores like the luxurious Radisson Hotel in Brentwood and upscale Target in Pacific Palisades.

Thieves appear to have not only broken into stores and stores were closed, they were also brazen enough to get away with their loot while shoppers were in store. The incidents were immediately detected by security, and some of the suspects were apprehended immediately. Two suspects, James Bayly, 45, and Devin Matheny, 19, are being held on suspicion of grand theft. And police are on the lookout for a woman named Lisa Giusti, 43, who may have played an important role in the burglaries.

The burglaries took place on July 14 and July 22. And when the thieves hit Louis Vuitton during the afternoon it was all caught on tape. In the clip above, the burglars can be seen breaking into the store through a back entrance before leading away with a Louis Vuitton watch. Other businesses were burglarized as well, with jewelry taken from Nordstrom and an array of goods pulled from a Robert Isabell clothing store.

Read the full story at The Los Angeles Times.


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