This innovative transit idea solves some transportation problems while one wouldn’t expect

Admittedly, some enterprising design team of recent graduates made the recent switch from the subway, as well as other transportation systems, to a more novel mode of transport: bicycles. But that wasn’t the original idea.

While studying design and illustration at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, about a quarter of the team worked on a concept for a new metro, and after winning a design contest, their bold concept is now completed and living its life underground, in Copenhagen.

A brief statement by the train operator, Copenhagen City Railways, noted that the city faces many challenges including congestion, safety, climate change, and “political and cultural changes.” But some of the challenges highlighted in the design ideas, such as those outlined above and below, have more to do with the drivers.

“Copenhagen City Railways is a public firm operating a free-of-charge, publicly owned metro system, which was built to operate over the whole city of Copenhagen. The system has 11 stations and a route of 280 km,” the statement read.

“The rail system is ambitious, ambitious to have the best metro systems of the world, and our own system is the same,” Ole Nordby, the chief executive officer of Copenhagen City Railways, told Danish broadcaster TV2. “However we need to take care of what we’re doing in a metro system, including issues like security and especially safety as the metro system we have is an ever-changing, dynamic, very complicated metro system with constant changes in our country.”

It is expected that the metro will be operating from March 20, 2020.

Read the full story at The Independent.


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