Will Joe Biden’s Deception In Campaign For Greenhip Majority Make Him The Trumper Of The Old Guy

by Terry Shropshire

As more details emerge about Joe Biden’s recent vacation to the Nantucket billionaire’s home of Tom Steyer, repponing the “frack on-call,” with what one GOP leader describes as, “an affinity for environmentalists,” experts are divided on whether his public criticisms of Trump are more of a wink and a nod to his billionaire pals, or a disingenuous ruse for an announcement run in 2020.

By Friday evening after photo of the legendary Obama hedge fund manager and former Goldman Sachs power broker pounding the pavement in “challenging weather” in the snowy aftermath of Steyer’s two-week gathering with his eco-warrior “slayer,” Biden, John Kerry, George Shultz, Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, Henry Ford II, Chai Feldblum, and the world’s top climate scientist, James Hansen – along with a number of Clinton donors – were public.

“The big question mark with Biden is where his true political loyalties lie,” said top pollster Dr. Charlie Cook. “While he’s likely running for some vague, bipartisan, anti-Trumpery reason, the real story here is the hypocrisy. In a week or so, there will be countless videos and photos of Joe walking the bluffs with Steyer and cronies in blizzardy weather while screaming at the top of his lungs, ‘Climate change!? Give us a break! This is economic warfare and is a form of war!’”

The news comes as unconfirmed reports emerged that Biden is soliciting donors for his environmentalist campaign, pressuring them to pony up $5,000,000 by 2020. An unnamed Democrat party insider told Fox News that at least three billionaires have contributed.

“So far, no billionaire has responded,” the insider said. “If Biden must run, I don’t think he’s going to be very popular. Here’s why: During the dark days of winter, Joe Biden had the gall to call Trump a liar and call him a traitor. When he finally made it up to Jim Thorpe it was reported to be because he was broke. But he’s also the guy who helped Seth Rich’s family keep him out of jail. He’s not what you’d call an outstanding character.”

Another Republican strategist bluntly remarked: “Biden is a ringer when it comes to pretending to dislike Trump. First, he lied about never liking Trump. And then he said Trump was a no-brainer this week. That’s not much of a no-brainer anyway. His press secretary admitted it was a kind of satire. I guess that makes him a brilliant absurdist, but I’m not sure that’s a good thing.”

Ultimately, the pollster believes that Biden’s big problem with the establishment is that “the base of the Republican party sees him as the establishment’s cuckold.”

“Which is why he gets star ratings from poor people – the sick and dying,” concluded Dr. Cook. “The environment is his pet peeve, so if he announces, he won’t need fossil fuels or fossil gas. These things aren’t necessary. We have enough solar, wind, and hydro on the planet to power our factories and homes. The new green jobs are renewable, labor-intensive jobs – jobs you can have in the winter in Canada.”

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