Yemen: Pregnant TV journalist dies in bombing


A pregnant journalist working for a Yemen-based TV channel has been killed in a bomb attack, the channel says.

Ann Fayzi, an award-winning journalist who worked for Al-Masirah TV, was on her way home after reporting on protests in the south of the country.

She died after the car bomb exploded in Lahaj province, a stronghold of Shia rebels.

There have been reports of sectarian violence among Shiite rebels and their opponents, who say they are being targeted by the rebels.

Speaking to Al-Masirah TV before the attack, Ann Fayzi said the station had changed as she arrived late last year after it became part of a state media conglomerate.

“The new Al-Masirah TV is out of my control. I hope I stay in control of what I say and the way I say it,” she said.

Deadly gun battles

More than 135 people have died since March in continuing violence in the Houthi stronghold of Saada, and nearby regions.

After military action by the Saudi-led coalition, which intervened to fight the Houthis, operations have slowed down.

The rebels have retaliated by targeting government military locations with car bombs.

The number of casualties has slowed this week, although reports of shooting on Thursday between the Houthis and the Yemeni army in Saada province were initially attributed to the air force of the coalition.

Al-Masirah reported on Wednesday that Ann Fayzi had been shot in the stomach and had died in hospital.

“She died at the al-Salaar hospital in Al-Radda [Sadaa] on Wednesday evening after being injured in the car bomb attack that targeted her vehicle,” the channel said.

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