Court orders auction to not sell Nazi war crimes suspect’s blood-stained military uniform

An Israeli court has ordered that auctioneers not sell the blood-stained clothes of a man who allegedly helped to murder Jews in the Nazi death camp Auschwitz, it was reported Friday.

The man had sought auctioning off his uniform, which was on display at Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial.

According to the German paper Die Welt, a video of the auction was posted on YouTube with details on the clothing, in which he claimed to have blood oozing from his genitals.

“This is not done lightly – this is a situation where you end up receiving a lot of love from people, and it’s common sense, but it also has to be prepared for,” the newspaper quoted the accused as saying.

German newspaper Die Welt, citing court documents. Image by: wildselection

The clothing was estimated to fetch between $500 and $7,000 at auction.

Yad Vashem received more than 110,000 bids for the clothes, according to it’s website.

It remains unclear whether the man would still pursue the auction of the items.

The site also claims that the man also served as a medic at the camp.

He had turned 75 by the time the auction was set to be held.

The auction site stopped quoting the man.

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