Great Lakes vacation storms await in Buffalo

by Courtney E. Kline

Weather Monday in Buffalo offers another full weekend of Great Lakes vacation ahead. If you have a trip booked for Wednesday, Buffalo does not offer the best of conditions. Expect a double-digit high temperature. The Canadian Press did an interview where a Canadian resident does not care about our weather but tries to focus on the fact that the Bills’ were drafted by him.

Temperatures will range from the mid to upper 70s with a breeze out of the west to western New York. The west will deal with clouds overnight with patchy fog. North of the lake temperatures should be in the upper 50s to low 60s.

Winds Wednesday and Thursday will vary between 20-25 mph. Swells will run between three and five feet which will slow some boats. At this time there is no threat of strong winds.

The early rush of summer arrives early on Friday with temperatures back into the upper 70s. Rain is likely early Friday along with strong north winds of 20-25 mph. Models have some models putting southeast winds Thursday morning, but the heaviest rain will be felt Friday morning through the afternoon.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday should see highs into the mid to upper 80s. Sunday and the early Monday will see the heaviest rain in southern New York. The persistent strong south winds will not allow for much to clear out on Monday. Highs will be in the low 80s with a storm developing to our south. High pressure will build in for Tuesday and Wednesday with cooler, more comfortable air over southern New York.

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