How his murder case has shaped his life


CNN’s Wolf Blitzer reports:

Two years after he was convicted for luring his brother into a car and murdering him, a federal jury acquitted 19-year-old Ahmaud Arbery of all charges.

This sparked protests by Arbery’s family, who criticized what they called the justice system’s mistreatment of their family.

Arbery, who was 15 at the time of the killing, was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter.

However, according to former prosecutor Michael Di Carlo, Arbery’s defense “is the only truth about the case”:

“A lot of people out there say that we use this, this is the easiest way to get someone off the street. Well, when there is no other way available, the tougher position that we have is to say if you are a juvenile and you hurt someone or commit the act, it does affect how you should be handled.”

Di Carlo said Ahmard was “nothing like any dangerous pedophile that I know or see and work in.”

Blitzer said many “experts” believe that the government’s involvement in Arbery’s life made him “way less responsible and handled differently.”

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