How To Watch The Storm On FOX 5 On Friday

On February 7, when a bomb cyclone is expected to hit Dallas/Fort Worth, all of North Texas and parts of the eastern third of the nation, it will be accompanied by some seriously nasty weather.

Forecasters are expecting a bomb cyclone (also known as a bombogenesis or bomb) to form, due to the intense winds that are expected.

The wintry weather hasn’t been stationary though, since the system has developed a fast jet stream in the upper atmosphere, which at any point in time, could actually separate from the rest of the jet stream.

Regardless of when the bomb starts to develop, it has the potential to be an extremely severe storm and will cause hazardous travel to begin with in the middle of February.

Plenty of ways to watch the storm unfold will be available on all TV stations in the area, including Fox 5, however, our live stream at should be available beginning the evening of February 7.

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