Kanye West Gives The Speedy Answer You’ve Always Wanted

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Kanye West might be speaking Jesus Christ in a new interview with GQ, and Kim Kardashian may be racking her brain to find those tight biblical dress sizes back in 2006.

As we all know, West and Kardashian started dating in 2007, and two years later were married. In 2017, the couple is raising two kids, eight-year-old daughter North and three-year-old son Saint. West has also made a career of being real and open about his highly publicized relationship with Kardashian, and he didn’t hold back this time.

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On their marriage, he told GQ:

“You have to be willing to work at it. Marriage takes work. The media wants it to be like we’re on our first date. And we’re like, Oh, we’ve been together for three years. What’s the big deal? It’s so funny to me when people say, ‘You were such a good sportsman.’ I’m like, ‘What? I’m a good f*cking athlete!’”

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