Toronto doctor arrested over sex assault allegations

Image copyright The Globe and Mail Image caption The doctor, who was not named by authorities, has been removed from the hospital

A Toronto doctor has been arrested on sexual assault charges in connection with a case involving female patients.

One of the victims, identified as Annie Droste, was one of about 150 women who contacted police after seeing the doctor in hospital in the Toronto area.

Media reports said the doctor, who was not named by authorities, allegedly sexually assaulted five women.

Police said more charges were expected and the investigation was ongoing.

“There will be charges laid and more charges will be laid,” Toronto police officer Meaghan Gray told reporters at a news conference.

She said a police investigation was launched after two of the alleged victims came forward in September.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption CTV news reported on 1 December that the “doctors may have been involved in sexual abuse across Canada”

According to CTV News, the first victim contacted police in June and provided police with a list of names of women she alleged were assaulted by the doctor.

Ten women contacted police within weeks of that report and said the doctor had been sexually assaulting them, CTV News reported.

Seven more women came forward in November to say they had been sexually assaulted.

Const Jones said the doctor is currently with police and expected to be released without charge on Wednesday.

Ms Droste, who was on holiday, told CTV News she had given him her medication before he “put his hands down my underwear and went down on me”.

“I told him to get off of me. He wouldn’t and he assaulted me,” she said.

Police said there were no signs the doctor had acted inappropriately in his other interactions with patients, including 50 over the past five years.

Ms Droste and the other four victims were referred to police by the women’s health clinic and victims services.

In response to the allegations, Toronto’s public health unit announced the doctor had been suspended from practice.

The Toronto Medical Society said it was investigating the allegations, which it said occurred at “unnamed” Toronto facilities.

A spokesperson told the BBC the doctor had been practising for more than 20 years.

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