What is your favourite Thanksgiving dish?

Johanna Theobald: Where’s the best place in the world to celebrate Thanksgiving?

Johanna Theobald: North America. We have the all-important nine-tenths right.


Theobald has been a Canadian for five years, after her marriage to a Brit, and she decided to embark on a year-long tour of the US, from Buffalo to Texas to California to Hawaii.

She says she chose the tradition of Canadian Thanksgiving as a way of escaping the US politics, and now spends all her free time in ‘Canadaland’, doing volunteer work at charitable ventures, watching hockey or Bollywood movies and planning her next trip back to the motherland.

‘I feel like I’m at home here,’ Theobald says. ‘But of course I never lose sight of what I am here to do: explore America.’

With the October Surprise (the Republican Party’s victory in the mid-term elections in spite of its “Trump Derangement Syndrome”) and the constitutional emergency declaration by Donald Trump having set the stage for another Federal Government shutdown in December, Theobald says there is no need to be consumed by the daily troubles of America.

‘When there’s no change in the polls, I can focus solely on my holidays,’ she says. ‘My experiment shows that America is not just what happens to us, but is also what we make of it.’

If Thanksgiving is about family, what would you add to the morning meal for those not fortunate enough to enjoy a home-cooked feast?

‘I would start at nine in the morning with boiled sweet corn from New Mexico. The heavy ladle of butter I make at home soaks it up perfectly,’ she says.

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